Welcome to Morning Dew Gardening


"Restoring our Earth one bed at a time"


To bring beauty and function to your home or business while caring for the earth

Core Values

To promote best practices in water stewardship on your property. An example of this is diverting water from your downspouts into a raingarden.


To be mindful, reverent and respectful of nature and her beings in our practices whenever possible. Using native plants that attract native pollinators and using special biodynamic preparations that bring healing forces to the earth are examples of this. 



Morning Dew Gardening is a blue thumb partner


The Team

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Tal Simchoni, Principal

Tal has been running Morning Dew Gardening since 2012.  In 2017 he completed his Master Water Steward certification, a training in best practices to protect our rivers and lakes through managing storm water runoff. He has been practicing biodynamic/organic vegetable gardening since 2000 and previously managed a 2 acre vegetable garden in a farm community. Life with a toddler, a teenager, and his wife brings much laughter and activity. 


Partners and Consultants

Morning Dew Gardening works with several advisors and consultants who have invaluable expertise


With more than 20 years of experience, Nathalie Shanstrom of Pasque Ecological Design specializes in providing  sustainable landscape architecture design services, including designs that emulate, restore, or preserve native plant communities; designs that draw out the regional beauty of native plant communities; sustainable stormwater management; edible gardens; healing gardens; and nature based classrooms and playgrounds. Many examples of past work can be seen at: https://www.facebook.com/PasqueDesign/


Bob Dahm has been a pioneer in organic lawn care since 1986. In 2002 he founded Organic Bob, an organic lawn care service. His approach to lawn care focuses on creating conditions for grass to thrive by restoring soil health. His decades of experience in building walls, patios, and outdoor structures, as well as his experiences with native restorations prove invaluable to Morning Dew Gardening. 

douglas bio pic.jpg

Douglas Owens-Pike managed Energyscapes, a sustainable landscaping company that lead the way in naturescaping, where native plants are used to recreate natural habitat. He retired the company in 2016. He currently works with Metro Blooms. Though Douglas only occasionally contributes his wide breath of knowledge about native landscaping and restoration, natural stonework, and raingardens to Morning Dew, he is listed here because of the inspiration he provides to the field of sustainable landscaping.

Emilio Bettaglio has decades of experience in building and remodeling. He has a background in architecture and was the former deputy executive director for Minneapolis Public Housing Authority (MPHA) for many years. Although he is now retired, he contributes to Morning Dew as a project manager for outdoor structures such as pergolas and decks, and for indoor remodeling projects.